Building Supervisor

One of our primary goals is to provide building maintenance for strata condo corporations at a level of professionalism, care and accountability on par with commercial properties. Despite people only working in commercial buildings from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, the importance and value placed on their maintenance differs from strata buildings where people often live, work and play 24/7. The engineers with educational accreditation in commercial settings rarely have an equal in strata condo buildings.

The feedback we’ve received is that many strata councils either feel it is too expensive, or that such services are not needed. We’ve also found that crucial strata condo building maintenance items are usually addressed in one of three ways:

1) volunteer owners or council members without liability or worker protection
2) expensive specialist trades at emergency call-out rates
3) not done at all or put off to a later date

We have consistently shown results that our one-of-a-kind system saves time, money and stress for Strata managers, Strata Councils, owners, residents, and fellow trades, as well as both protects and enhances the property investment for owners. We are also committed to supporting, training and keeping our staff accountable as they learn and grow to continually provide more value. Some of the regular items we provide that we feel are important to a well-run strata building are:

  • Semi-annual roof and drain checks
  • Monthly reports written of tasks completed sent to Strata Council and Strata manager
  • Water leak mitigation and investigation
  • Monthly Fire Inspections
  • Bike Room Audits and removal of abandoned bikes
  • Weekly Mechanical Room checks
  • Weekly balcony and perimeter checks and reports of any bylaw infractions
  • Weekly Storage Room checks and reports of any bylaw infractions
  • Weekly Parking Stall checks and reports of any bylaw infractions
  • Noise complaint investigations
  • Liaison with committees such as Gardening and Fire Safety
  • Attendance, reporting and presenting at Strata Council meetings upon invitation
  • Attendance and organizing of community building events such as BBQs, potlucks and bowling nights
  • Attendance and active participation in relevant strata condo associations such as CHOA and PAMA

The advantages to having a dedicated, professional, and confident individual who is on-site regularly working and looking out for your best interests are:

  • Instead of letting your investment get run down, weekly items are scheduled, completed, and reported back to the strata council at the next meeting. As we are given the tools, and authority to properly maintain your building, a standard is maintained throughout the year. Regardless of when an owner needs to sell, or find a new tenant, they can trust that their investment will look attractive.
  • Through working closely with the property manager, the budget is understood and costs can be controlled without affecting the operation, and protection of the building’s mechanical and structural systems. Cost saving ideas can be promoted by a qualified building supervisor in a way that gets them through to realization.
  • By filling the crucial ‘connector’ role between strata council, property manager, owners, residents, trades, the developer, and any other parties, mistakes and duplication are reduced, and things get done efficiently, and effectively. A long term approach to the building and its residents is taken, and decisions can reflect that.
  • By taking personal responsibility for the performance of the trades, contracted service people, and any on-site personnel, an important accountability measure if filled. The money that is being spent on personnel is accounted for, and reported back to the strata council, and the property manager.
  • By ensuring ongoing training, support and feedback for the on-site staff to build loyalty and productivity while enhancing customer service to the owners and residents. This helps avoid the all too common performance issues that start to creep in just a few months after hiring.