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Sealing Attic Exterior from Pest Ingress

You love to keep things clean and you don’t mind routine. An eye for detail and the value of a job well done come easy for you. You are honest, and you like to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

A chance of working locally in Surrey, in a diverse, and growth oriented business is attractive to you and exciting.
You can be loyal, and enjoy great customer service, and taking care of people.

You possess the gift of service, and you appreciate having a purpose, and reason for living.

You would become a valued member of our maintenance team, and as such, receive the training and support to succeed in reaching our clients’ expectations.

We are an industry leader in this regard, bringing a new standard, systems, and procedures, to ourt clients, that help them, and you succeed. We want win-win-win scenarios, whenever possible.

You are youthful, easy-going, energetic, full of life, and like to laugh.

You also know how to say “no”, in a nice, and respectful way.

  • Ability to lift 20kg/50lbs.
  • Hard worker
  • Check mechanical rooms
  • Complete bylaw infraction checklists
  • Tidy garbage room
  • Answer to building supervisor
  • Fill out our on-line ‘maintenance matters’ document of items completed
  • Post memos
  • Change light bulbs, get on a small ladder up to 6′ high
  • Basic cleaning (if necessary)
  • Perimeter garbage pickup
  • Checks of balconies, parking stalls, suite doors for bylaw infractions
  • Deliver notices to suites
  • Ability to follow daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual duties
  • Deal with cash, cheques, and diligent to write down proper information
  • Take key deposits
  • Booking amenity rooms, pre and post inspections
  • Basic fire safety checks, security checks
  • Administration, and set up of fobs, visitor passes,
  • Get up on the flat roof, and check for drainage issues
  • Report bylaw infractions to Building Supervisor

Bonus Skills That Would Be Valued By Stratapro:
(and would increase your salary)

  • Communication skills (typing, cellphone texting, email
  • Ability to work after hours, weekends, if necessary
  • Basic handyman skills such as painting, pressure washing, small repairs