How It Works – Flexible Options to Meet Your Needs

Each and every strata complex is almost as unique and individual as the residents that reside within them.  The overall ‘feel’ of the community is affected by everything from the level of cleanliness and maintenance upkeep to the level of communication among neighbours to the leadership style of the strata council.   It is for this reason that we have also created a very flexible way of providing our services to our clients so that we can fit in wherever we are needed.

We believe a successful and prosperous strata condo community relies on many committed and hard-working individuals from the ownership base to the council and strata property management hired by the corporation.  We enjoy working with volunteers, council members and Strata Property Manager alike to get things done in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Our relationship with your strata can begin simply with investing in a monthly agreement that requests at least one of the basic packages of janitorial cleaning, handyman or caretaker/Building Supervisor.   From there you can pick and choose which services are required that are not currently being done by a volunteer or an outside trades company that the owners are already happy with.  For instance, you may ask us to do janitorial cleaning as well as fob administration.  The more roles you ask us to assist you with, the greater potential savings you can realize for hiring us at an hourly rate.

You would then choose how many hours, and how many times per week you’d like us to visit.   Generally the more hours we are on site, the more jobs we can complete; the number of hours we suggest depends on many factors including age of complex, owner vs. rental percentage of occupancy, socio-economic positions of the general ownership and the overall perception of value placed on building maintenance.