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Our FutureOur future vision is to be the trusted, and chosen authority in understanding strata communities, and protecting our client’s property investments as if it was our own.   By dramatically improving the bottom line of the strata corporation, and creating a space for open, transparent and honest communication, we are able to help build a community of trust where people can live in peace and prosperity.   We intend to grow and evolve into a trusted and well-known support for all parties who have vested interest in condominium communities.  This includes owners, residents, councils, property managers, caretakers, trades and professional organizations.   Further we aim:

1.  To be actively working with 100 strata condo communities by 2020

2.  To work with a like-minded community college or technical institute to create the best condominium maintenance education in the world for caretakers, resident building supervisors, and janitors

3.  To continue bringing together professional organizations that have a vested interest in strata condominium maintenance including professional organizations, fellow trades, and property management firms

4.  To be considered the expert in condominium maintenance through a solid social media presence

5. To actively provide educational and intellectual support for strata councils, strata property managers, and strata owners to make a positive, lasting difference on the quality of our communities and to enhance communication, teamwork, tolerance, and mutual understanding.