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We have developed a one-of-a-kind strata maintenance and people management system that helps strata councils, strata managers, owners, residents, and trades save time, money and stress. The foundation of our system relies on the completion of building supervision, caretaking, cleaning and handy person duties required on a regular basis.

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North Surrey Strata President

Richmond Elevator services our buildings monthly.  Yesterday coming up from the underground - I met the fellow in the elevator.  He was complimenting how clean our elevators are including the tracks.  He said in several buildings he attends to it’s not very good and the elevator doors struggle.  I thanked him and said we have fabulous cleaners

Aime Bent
Property Manager, Prompton Realty

I cannot thank Stratapro enough for all they do for us! They are our go-to and remain professional, diligent and knowledgeable! I highly recommend Stratapro!

Rachele Salikin
Resident LMS2617 Mainstreet

Jason and his team were instrumental in taking our building from a place of disrepair and neglect, to a place we can be proud to call home.

Derek Tinney
Former VP & Treasurer, LMS1383 Cornerstone at Gateway

This is where the industry needs to go to improve efficiency and professionalism. We found what Stratapro had to offer to be the best all-around solution for an industry with high expectations, and tight budgets.

Ian Gray
Project Lead, Centreville Construction

I remarked that Jason’s building looked exactly the same as it did when we handed over the building to the owners. Brand new. The systems and procedures he helped put in place were noticeable, and it was always a pleasure coming back to that building.

Scott Dowdall
Owner/Operator, RS Locksmith

Jason made my life a whole heck of a lot easier and it saves the customer money too because I’m not wasting time running around. He’s already got everything ready to go for me.

Kelly Pennefather
Former Rental Property Manager, Prompton Realty

In my business, issues need to be dealt with immediately and Jason understands that. The costs are extremely reasonable as well. I have been HAPPY with all of Jason’s work – he is thorough and detail-oriented. I don’t know what I would do without him.

Ramin Amiri
Former Head Concierge, Park Place Towers

I believe there should be more people like Jason who are positive and caring in this world. I believe wherever Jason goes, his compassion and sympathy for others would have a great and positive impact.

Eric Ray
Assistant Building Supervisor, Park Place Towers

What I admire the most about Jason is his commitment towards work is always 100%, and he always wants the best for both the team and clients. Above all is how he sets goals in life and achieves most of them.

Colleen Sedgwick
Former Crime Prevention Coordinator, District 1, Surrey RCMP

Jason did an excellent job of getting the Block watch program up and running. Thank you Jason!

Jonathan Beck
Former Rental Property Manager, Rancho Management

Jason has done many handyman jobs for me. He’s always been great working with our Tenants and gets the job done effectively, efficiently, and for a very reasonable price. I have and will continue to recommend him to my Clients.

Pablo Clinaz
Former Building Supervisor, Local On Lonsdale

Without Jason’s help it wouldn’t have been possible that I could handle a whole building myself. Scheduling tasks has helped me to be more organized and responsible at work. I am able to see the ‘big picture’ of how a building runs. I understand the importance of being proactive instead of waiting until avoidable incidents happen.

Edward Zulkowski
B.Sc. PH., MHA, Strata Owner at Chambord Place, Vancouver

Over the last 12 years I’ve hired Jason to solve problems for me relative to my large townhouse. He is most intelligent, well educated, has great public relations skills and imbues confidence in the management of his people, as well as customers.

Ellen Kitson
Former Mainstreet Strata Council President, LMS2617 Mainstreet

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jason and his team. It is wonderful to have someone who cares about our building and residents and is committed to making a difference in our community. The thousands of dollars Jason has saved our building in such a short time is an added bonus.

Megan Neumann
Rental Property Manager, Prompton Realty

I've been working with Jason and his team for several years now. They have proven to be extremely reliable and do excellent work. Stratapro has made my life as a property manager significantly easier as I know I can trust them to do a good job in a timely manner.

Paula Shore
Strata Council Chair & Former Stratapro Maintenance Liaison, LMS2308 Sandringham

Our 20 year old buildings look brand new, we have seen significant savings in our ‘repairs and maintenance’ budget, and we receive constant feedback from our owners about the dedication and professionalism of the Stratapro staff.

Debra Gowitt
Council Member-At-Large, Mainstreet, LMS2617 Mainstreet

You have my continued support and that of many owners. We appreciate the interest you have taken in us and your drive to make our homes comfortable and clean and safe.

Caitlin Fraser
Former Strata Council, EPS4547 Benjamin

Jason and his team at StrataPro Solutions are the best thing that has ever happened to our building! They always arrive on time and go above and beyond to ensure our building is kept clean and well maintained. They really do care and have delivered flawless service time and time again.

Brenden MacKenzie
Former Strata Council President, LMS2030 Claridge Court

I am an inexperienced strata council president, having Jason and his team on my side helps me keep control of all aspects of our buildings. Conversations with Jason also give me insight into successes or failures of other buildings, his opinions and experience in the strata industry is priceless. A+ in my books. I would recommend Stratapro Solutions to any strata.

Darren Earle
Strata Manager, Obsidian Property Management

Emails are way down. No complaints. The building has become one of our quietest since Stratapro started.

Strata Council President
Cornerstone Langley

Jason and his team at Stratapro are absolutely amazing. Our building was in desperate need of a reliable, friendly, and compassionate care taking service. Bringing Stratapro on board helped up stream line procedures and gave us peace of mind that all the residents needs were being looked after. Thank you Stratapro!

Sean Michaels
Managing Broker & President, Obsidian Property Management

Our experience with Stratapro has been stellar and we are actively introducing them to our clients. We highly recommend that other managers do the same. Stratapro is a contractor we highly recommend.

Sayo Nickerson
Leader Team Nickerson, Re/Max Real Estate Services

I have known Jason for a long time and know that he is very passionate about providing top-notch service to his clients. He is always eager to take on new challenges, to go over and above expectations, and approaches everything in life from a perspective of fun and service. It is guaranteed that you will have a great experience working with Jason!

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