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Our mission is to bring a personal and caring style of customer service while saving time, money and stress for our clients whether it be owners, strata councils or property managers.

We are able to pass on significant savings by doing many jobs in-house. Instead of spending money that does not give a long-term return, you can invest in on-site staff that could learn, and grow, along with you. You could have a professional, caring, results-oriented person that is loyal to your strata corporation, and committed to protecting your investment. By showing our ability to save you money, we can justify our services and may even be able to pay for ourselves.

One of the most exciting opportunities for us is to promote energy savings in your building. We feel it not only saves you money, but benefits the environment. Through analyzing consumption data, and having the ability to control how the building’s mechanical systems operate, significant cost savings can be realized in the tens of thousands. As there would be an investment up front for these savings, it is absolutely crucial that the building supervisor is able to attend the monthly strata meeting. For the strata council to confidently decide on such an investment, they need the education, and information from someone who understands the workings of the building. Otherwise, these kinds of ideas do not get past the conceptual phase.

Although it may seem logical to spend $30,000 on a high efficiency boiler that may have a 2 year payback, a council may find it difficult to approve it. They would absolutely require someone they trust and have the confidence in to approach them with the idea. And that person would probably have to have shown them month to month improvements, and solid results before they would trust that person’s opinion. That is why our service is so special.

As mentioned, we understand that for us to be able to sell ideas that require a large investment we must be able to show results with smaller items. Changing light bulbs in the elevators can represent a $56 savings in electricity and labour alone. Performing a drywall repair in-house instead of calling an outside company can save $400. These types of items would be included in our monthly report to the strata council to build a reputation for saving money.