I’m A Strata Owner

1 out of 3

If you had your own way, you would have much preferred to buy your own single family detached home a long time ago.  The personal freedom and security would have been nice to possess if only you had been able to buy when the time was right.  Instead, the only way you could get approved for a mortgage was for a suite in strata.  Having to live above, below and beside other owners was a small price to pay to be a homeowner in the Lower Mainland of BC.  At least you can just pay your strata fees, and everything else will be taken care of for you.

You’re way too busy with your family, job or personal life to get involved with strata; the extent of your involvement begins, and ends with your strata fees.  There are definitely things that bother you about how the building is being taken care of, and you’ve found it’s just easier to ignore it.   It has to get pretty bad before you’ll make the effort to send an email to the strata manager.  You’re not even sure if they will even answer it, or pick up the phone if you called.

Like government taxes, and monthly bills, It's always best to just pay strata fees without question.   Of course, you will always have the AGM to voice your concerns, that is, if you are able to attend.   Last time you missed it because of an urgent issue at work.   You heard only 15 percent of the owners showed up anyways, and another 25 percent by proxy.   You do check the strata meeting minutes that get delivered to your email inbox, and won’t hesitate to send an email if you disagree with a decision that council made.

Overall, you’re not too worried about things, especially because you’ve always been responsible to turn off the water when you’re on holidays, your appliances are fairly new, and you have a good insurance policy.  You are pleasant to everyone you meet in the elevator, avoid conflict, are conscientious about not making noise, and you keep your parking stall and balcony clean.   Dealing with strata is low on your priority list, especially because you have a decent job, and the strata fees are manageable.  Besides, what could possibly go wrong?