I’m A Strata Manager

1 out of 3

You’ve long since given up any hope of making a difference for the people who live in your strata buildings.  You’ve seen idealistic people come and go over the years, long burned out from caring way too much.  People’s behaviour disappoints you on a daily basis.  You’re definitely not here to change the world.   That’s a heavy burden.  You’re here for your family, the new car payments, the house mortgage, to pay for the vacation you put on the credit card, and to basically ensure you’ve got your own bases covered, personally, and financially.

Now, you’ve got to deal with 200 emails that came through in the last 24 hours, most of which are complaints from people who clearly have nothing better to do.  You know that you take direction from council, even if it’s a course of action that will probably end up creating more work for you.  There’s so much out of your control that the best thing to do is to just keep your head down, and do your job.  Sometimes you feel more like a fireman putting out fires than you do a strata manager.

You’ve had your fair share of trades that didn’t work out.   You’ve settled into a good routine with the trades you have, and there’s really no need to change.   Council hasn’t really said much for a while.  All the puzzle pieces seem to be fitting together.  If there was a better way, you would have found it by now.

That being said, smart business people know they must adapt to change if they want to stay successful; they’d rather be ahead of the curve than fall behind.   What if there was a tool available to you right now that could revolutionize your business, and put you ahead of your peers?