How We Save You Time

1 out of 3

One of the greatest luxuries you will ever have on this earth is the ability to waste time.   There's no shortage of things to do to that will get your mind off things, and distract you from your problems.  Modern city life is often weird, frightening and exhausting, and you often need a break.  You justify it easily knowing that any time you get to relax and recharge is never a waste of time.  It's your right to use as much social media, and streaming entertainment as you want, as long as the pressing issues like paying the bills and feeding yourself and the family are checked off the endless to-do list.

Having time to waste is only possible if you are saving time in other ways.   Your home is filled with time saving devices:  microwave, washing machine, and dishwasher, to name a few.   Imagine living in a time when people had to wash their clothes by hand, or even further back, hunt, kill and cook their own food!  More modern technologies may even be in your home where a device listens to your verbal commands and plays your favorite music, sets an alarm, or tells you the history of the Renaissance period - all in the matter of microseconds.  Our homes have been transformed by time saving devices, many of which we now take for granted as essential.

You may go to work every weekday for a medium sized, or large corporation.  Efficiency and time savings are almost universally an edict in these organizations, especially when there's nervous shareholders who want to see steady returns on investment, and constant year over year growth.   Gone are the days where you can while away the afternoon playing games on your PC to pass the time; you know there’s very little time in the day to meet all of your employer’s expectations.  The modern world seems to demand an ever-increasing level of productivity, performance, efficiency and ultimately, time-savings.

It may seem surprising to you that your strata corporation may buck the modern trend of pursuing efficiencies, and time savings, that are so prevalent in both your home, and work life.  Why is it that a multi-million-dollar strata corporation would operate so differently than other institutions?  The reasons are right in front of you, yet they are not easily seen without some investigating.