How We Save You Money

3 out of 3

We identified this problem years ago, and utilized our team in a far more efficient manner than what is currently accepted in the industry.   The cleaners actually see more of the building, and its residents, on a regular weekly basis, than almost anyone else.   Capitalizing on this fact can produce extraordinary results for the strata corporation.

For instance, our cleaners see problems inside, and outside of the building almost every time they are on-site.  They have a direct line of communication with their supervisor, or caretaker, who, in turn, has an effective working relationship with council.  A security breach such as a door that’s not latching, can be communicated by the cleaners by 8am, and received in the council’s email inbox by 9am.   The strata manager is included in the email, so that they are also informed.    This gives both parties plenty of time to make an adequate decision, and perhaps even resolve the issue by end of day.  The building can then be secured by nightfall, and the chance of a break-in reduced, or eliminated.

Add to that our exclusive handyman services that can either be arranged as an ad-hoc option, or included as part of an investment package.   We are able to greatly reduce the amount of different trades required to come on site, gain access, find the problem, and hopefully, repair it.   Carpet stain/spot cleaning, door adjustments and lubricating hinges, drywall repairs and painting can be completed to not only satisfy a need, but also keep the building maintained promptly.  Window washing, duct cleaning, landscaping and major mechanical and electrical jobs are maintained by other trades.  The impact is much less, as these types of jobs are much less frequent, and carried out monthly, and annually, as opposed to daily, and weekly.

Finally, providing leadership on-site through our building supervision service helps your strata set up standards, and systems, ensures trades are as efficient as possible, and brings both problems, and solutions to our strata council clients that save the entire strata corporation money.   Everything we do from picking up dog poop, to completing a parking stall bylaw infraction audit, to investigating a water leak is done to save you money.  Our customer service is exemplary, because we’ve seen what can happen when unmet needs meet communication breakdowns.   Just because you can afford a lawyer doesn’t mean you have to use one everytime there’s a dispute.

There is a better way.   The Stratapro way.

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