How We Save You Stress

3 out of 3

We see the humour in how strata corporations often deal with people issues, and it helps us keep a level head.   Instead of being the judge, jury, and executioner, we see ourselves as the communicator, and the educator.  It may not come as a surprise that a kind word, or just providing a listening ear saves a lot of stress for people.  The chunk of dirt really wasn’t a big deal.  It was that someone didn’t take a moment to actually acknowledge you.  We believe that a failure to properly deal with a situation at its source, can, and will cause a ripple effect of stress for council, and strata manager alike.  Dealing with people on a personal, and professional level has a positive long-term effect.

That’s why our foundation is based on solid philosophies about regular maintenance, consistent standards, and systems that work, because protecting, and enhancing your strata property investment is an idea that most people can get behind.  We have found that by focusing on daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks, we are freed up to effectively deal with the people in the building, and also be ready for when unexpected problems arise.   Helping to manage your community in this way significantly reduces stress for everyone.


Another core value of ours is ‘win-win-win’.  At Stratapro, that means that we will always be striving for solutions to problems that benefit the strata council, strata manager, and all owners equally.  It might take a few extra steps, and some fancy footwork up front, but the stress it saves everyone down the road is worth it.

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