How We Save You Time

3 out of 3

Stratapro is different.  Instead of saying “that’s just the way it is”, we say “how can we make it better?”.   The key to time savings in strata buildings is having a qualified, professional, and caring team as your trusted on-site personnel.  We can carry out a wide array of strata maintenance, and people management tasks that provide real, tangible results for you and your fellow shareholders (strata owners).  The gaps of traditional strata management get filled, and time is saved for everyone involved.

Information is power, especially when it comes from a trusted source.   One of our non-negotiable at Stratapro is that we have a strong, and effective working relationship with our strata council clients.   This is our not-so-secret weapon in combating ignorance, confusion, and wastes of time.   This relationship should never be seen as a threat to the strata manager, as another big reason we do what we do is to help the strata manager be more efficient.   Our Stratapro team is able to equally help the council, the strata manager, the strata owners, and fellow trades be more efficient, and effective, and help make the best decisions for the short, and long-term interests of the strata corporation.

Although we are more than able to financially justify ourselves by completing many safety, security, and maintenance tasks, our key differentiator is our ability to work with people.  Our #1 core value is people first, because not only is it lacking in the industry, it can make, or break the overall quality of life of the community as a whole.  You only have to ever experience one severely angry and resentful resident who hates strata to see the havoc, and chaos it creates.  It's completely unnecessary, and absolutely avoidable.

There’s a lot of B.S. out there, and it can be hard to believe something that sounds too good to be true.   Consider that we have dedicated our lives to the betterment of our strata condo community clients, and it takes nothing less than a full 100% commitment to make the difference.   All we need from you is the support, and authority to come in, do the hard work, and make a difference.

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